The Cars of AOW and C&S Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2012 in Images

In 20th Century historical fiction, automobiles can powerfully evoke the times. Who can see a beat-up olive-drab jeep without thinking of World War II? Here are some of the cars mentioned in my novels:

In An Owl’s Whisper, Stan Chandler calls his Ford “a fliver.” This 1935 coupe is what his car looked like when it rolled off the Ford assembly line in Dearborn. Of course, Stan, being a practical guy, brought it used when it probably looked considerably more broken in.

After the war, Stan and Eva bought a used GMC pickup, like this 1950 model. Theirs was tan, and by An Owl’s Whisper’s ending in 1956, it surely had earned its stripes, like this one has.

Who wouldn’t like to go for a ride in a chauffeur-driven phaeton? (Other than Eva, who hated sharing the back seat with her uncle.) Here’s a 1938 Mercedes model, just like Henri’s. A phaeton is a convertible touring motorcar with front and back seats. They were favored by the wealthy in the 1930s.

In AOW, Jess drove a 1951 Ford sedan police car, like this one. It had a 100 horsepower V-8 engine and could go from zero to eighty mph in “no time flat.” Better not speed in Hooker County.

Max Conroy drove a big, plum purple ’51 Buick convertible, just like this one. Deluxe. It was in keeping with the Conroys’ hep lifestyle.

In Cotton and Silk, Nik loves his Hudson. Here it is, a canary-yellow 1938 convertible coupe. Just the car for a US Navy aviator, don’t you think?

Dorji’s Soviet-built JO…in C&S, it dutifully carried Nik, Eri and Dorji across Mongolia and into Siberia.

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