Saving Euridice is out! Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 in Images

My new novel Saving Euridice has just been published.

Unless Euridice Wants Saving, Orpheus’s Trek to Hell and Back Is Just an Ego Trip

Saving Euridice plunges you into desperate times. In the midst of Germany’s post-WWII collapse, Pvt. Winston Drake, a U.S. Army clerk, meets Stetti, a fine cellist and committed Marxist. Trying to save this beautiful but enigmatic woman, Drake falls for her and lands in emotional quicksand—is she in love or just using him? After Stetti vanishes, Drake searches Germany’s Soviet sector for her. Fingered as an American spy, he goes on the lam. The odds he’ll slip through the Soviets’ clutches are slim until he meets another fugitive. Ordinary and plain, Hilde is an open book—the opposite of Stetti. During their perilous dash, they become each other’s savior.

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