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The relationship of children to their parents is an important element in both An Owl’s Whisper and Cotton and Silk. In C&S, the spotlight is on Eri’s connection to her father Hiroshi and on Nik’s to his father Rup. Eri and Hiroshi have a complicated relationship: There is deep love and respect for each other, but it is tested and frayed by a lack of candor and honesty on both their parts. When Eri leaves Japan it is much the result of that fraying, and only when she is gone, do Eri and Hiroshi realize what they have lost.

Late Spring is a 1949 film classic by Yasujiro Ozu that explores the simplicity and beauty of father/daughter devotion. Against the movies of today, it is slow: No sex, drugs, rock&roll, or explosions. The father and daughter aren’t uber as we demand present day protagonists to be. But the film is poignant and transports the viewer to an uncomplicated time and place and into the lives of authentic, admirable prople. Like Eri in C&S, the daughter, Noriko, in Late Spring is devoted to her widower father. They have each other and both wish that could go on, unchanged. Of course, as with any parent/child relationship, it can’t. That’s the crux of the film. Watch it, if you ever have the chance. When you do, think about Eri’s connection to Hiroshi and Noriko’s to her father.

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