Michael J. Smith grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and now lives with his family in Bainbridge Island, Washington. He is the author of two published novels, An Owl’s Whisper and Cotton and Silk. Both are love stories built on frameworks of thrilling espionage plots set during World War II.
After military service and a career as a Ph.D. scientist in research and development, Mike began pursuing his interests in book-length fiction. He is now working on books about risk-taking and how to use it to enable personal and organizational success. His interest in the subject of risk-taking was born in his R&D experience. He observed that a crucial element in successful innovation is invariably the willingness to take risks. And this is true throughout life. His goal is getting people to understand risking-taking and its power, thereby enabling them selectively take risks as a life strategy for success.
Mike’s non-writing interests include photography, music performance, and outdoors activities, especially sea kayaking. He enjoys them best when he can do them with family, friends, and pets. For relaxing, he likes listening to music, reading, and watching movies. His musical tastes run from dramatic opera (Wagner, Strauss, Mozart) to 1960s R&B (Rolling Stones, Clapton…). For reading, Mike favors literary fiction, memoir, and science; a favorite novel is All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. He likes excellent movies and terrible movies much more than films that fall between the two. We’re talking classics of the 1930s, foreign films, and MST3K send-ups. Favorites include the classics Raging Bull and Pan’s Labyrinth.




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