Cotton and Silk

Open Cotton and Silk and join Nik and Eri on the journey of a lifetime, one of daring, danger, exotic climes, and love. Spanning the American Heartland to Hawaii to Mongolia, it is a journey as much of the spirit and the heart as it is one of miles..

In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the US Navy is on the ropes in the Pacific. Facing a seemingly-unstoppable Japanese juggernaut, the Americans hatch a desperate plan to turn the tide of war. Cotton and Silk is the World War II story of an intrepid American naval officer and a mysterious Japanese woman willing to risk everything to steal the secret behind the Emperor’s military might. Their perilous mission involves crossing the enemy-held Pacific, infiltrating the Japanese homeland, and escaping through exotic Mongolia and Siberia. And even if they have the cunning, courage, and luck to pull off the heist and save America from defeat, in the end they’ll need something more to save themselves.


Saving Euridice is out!Posted  May 15th, 2018 in Images

My new novel Saving Euridice has just been published. Unless Euridice Wants Saving, Orpheus’s Trek to Hell and Back Is Just an Ego Trip Saving Euridice plunges you into desperate times. In the midst of Germany’s post-WWII collapse, Pvt. Winston Drake, a U.S. Army clerk, meets Stetti, a fine cellist and committed Marxist. Trying to [...]

Thicket of Opportunity is out!Posted  February 24th, 2015 in Images

My new book on using the concept I call smart risk-taking to achieve more and bigger success in daily life is now available in both paper and Kindle versions. The title is Thicket of Opportunity: How Smart Risk-Taking Supercharges Personal Success. If you’re ready to succeed more and fail less, check it out.

Strong Female Protagonists, Doing MorePosted  September 27th, 2012 in Images

Strong women protagonists: It is definitely by design that I feature them in my fiction. I’m not the first to write strong female characters. Fiction is full of them as it should be, since real-life women are so often truly strong. Where I hope to be unique (or at least unusual) is giving my strong [...]


Michael grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and now lives with his family in Bainbridge Island, Washington. His non-writing interests include photography, music performance, and outdoors activities, especially sea kayaking. He enjoys them best when he can do them with family, friends, and pets.


Two ordinary people make an extraordinary decision, risking everything to end a war. In Cotton and Silk there’s no turning back, and we are swept into an unforgettable adventure of hope and courage.
- Suzanne Arney,
arts features author